Porland Style




The time limits result of fast urbanization and consequently increased life tempo have also affected our eating and drinking culture like all other fields of life. The moments where all family members gather together around the dinner table left their place fast-food culture that you eat while standing and quickly. Negative impacts of this culture on our lives are tried to be mitigated through returning to domestic lifestyle in recent years. Especially kitchen has begun to become a living space where not only meals are cooked but also all family members gather together and have long conversations and where people realize their hobbies. After this transition period, a new period started where not only the kitchen but whole house is checked in order to complete all necessary things and to renew the old ones.


Porland Style branded products on sale in our stores are both reflection of this period and a service provided for saving our customers to seek for products they need in different addresses. A customer who purchases a dinner set from Porland Porcelain can also purchase table cloth, placemats, napkins, napkin rings in harmony with his/her set, melamine tray and towel of the breakfast set, embroidered and plain towels harmonized with shower sets, decorative glass products, glass vases and artificial flowers from the same store among many alternatives offered under Porland Style brand by preferring the ones that best fit to his/her taste.


All R&D and design studies of products sold under Porland Style brand are performed by the experienced team of Porland and these products are offered to the customers with Porland Porcelain guarantee.