Our Environment Policy



As Porland Porcelain; we are determined to perform all duties falling on our side for the purpose of protection of the environment through effective and successful activities to be performed in our facilities by all of us; management, employees and suppliers. For this purpose, we commit that to apply the following principles in management of environmental impacts and dimensions of all our activities that we perform, products and services within the bounds of possibility,

  • - Within the framework of sustainable development; to perform studies in order to prevent pollution of natural resources,
  • - To plan how to reduce harmful effects of all solid, liquid and gaseous wastes that we release into the environment, to provide their recycling, recovery and reuse through an effective waste management system, to perform necessary measurements, to reach to values that conforms to international standards by developing and maintaining corrective and preventive actions,
  • - To reduce consumption of energy and natural resources,
  • - To prevent environmental pollution and improve environmental management system continuously,
  • - To develop a system in line with the determined objectives and goals and which will provide achievement of such goals,
  • - To review this policy as well as its objectives and goals regularly and maintain this review process,
  • - To provide necessary training to all employees in order to ensure them to achieve awareness regarding protection and improvement of the environment, and to observe the effectiveness of this training in practice and to take necessary measures,
  • - To inform suppliers and employees regarding the policy and the goals, and ensure them to do what necessary in relation to this policy,
  • - To abide by the current environmental legislation and other requirements and follow the changes in the relevant legislation.